In 1895, Modern Hungarian music (folk) was first recorded by Bela Vikar. This set the base for the work of László Lajtha, Zoltán Kodály, and Béla Bartók. With the Habsburg Empire in the 18th century Modern Hungarian folk music started its history. Then there came a time when instead of the free speech rhythms of the old style came in the regular metric structure for marching and dancing.
This was the time when the influences of the European countries were at its crescendo. At that time Folk music consisted of village bagpipers. These bagpipers were replaced by string-based orchestras of the Roma people or Gypsy.
Verbunkos was undoubtedly the most popular style in Hungary in the 19th century. It comprised of a slow dance, which was followed by a faster dance.


Performance by Zoltan Maga, Violin Virtuoso from Magyarorszag



This Gypsy Band is well renowned for transporting the listener to the magical times of romantic 19th century Budapest.